Traditional, Expert &
Advanced treatment by Sophie

Sophie propose you to choose your treatment easily according to your time and your priorities. Sophie has more than 20 treatment on her list, combining tradicional and advanced treatment . During the analysis of your skin (before each treatment) you will decide with her what suits the best for your skin. All treatment have relaxation and massages to make you dream. Sophie will start analysing your skin and see with you your priorities. She will choose the right technology with care and the right product for result from the fist visit. All her treatment includes the 3 steps cleaning by Institut Esthederm. (Technology used: luminotherapy LED, Dermapen, Radio Frequency, Mesoterapy virtual...)

TIME CAPSULE / Skin renewed and smooth


The treatment of the German brand BDR is called TIME CAPSULE. A technology and cosmeceutic products that offer a power to your skin. The BDR brand offers results very close to aesthetic medicine and an alternative to invasive techniques on the market.

We are talking here, about renewing your skin as his most. With microdermoabrasion, stimulation and very fresh mask and finally relaxation of shoulders, neck and head massage.

It will be perfectly combined with the other technology ZONER, described below in another session. Recommended in cure for the best result.

15mn skin analysis and investigation

1hour of treatment

Recommendation at the end of the treatment opcional if the client wants to maintain the result at home.

The new technology Zoner 3 in 1

Your youthness starts now! With this new technology, you will have the chance to try the new advanced treatment to rejuvenate your skin from the first session. Zoner – Antiage Trilogy: three technologies for a winning antiage project Three most effective anti-aging treatments :

The quick facial care


1 hour.
Skin cleansing with Institut Esthederm to choose between classic, with peeling or with oxipeeling on the day, depending on the diagnostic of your visit and massage with the appropriate oil to refresh your skin.
-Skin Analisis & investigation -15 min
-45 min of treatment
-Recommendations at the end of the treatment (opcional if the clients wants to maintain the result at home)

The personalized facial +


1 hour 15 min.

To treat the signs of aging (Lack of firmness - blemishes - dull skin – Nutrition - Elasticity- Sun spots)
We will decide the adapted techniques and products together for a 100% personalized experience.
Tradicional treatment.
-Skin Analisis & investigation -15 min.
-1h. 15min. of treatment

-Recommendations at the end of the treatment (opcional* if the clients wants to maintain the result at home)

- Sophie would be able to use her technology aswell after the cleaning process. Everything will be decided during your skin analysis session.

Sophie's Signature Treatment


Sophie will start analysing your skin and see with you your priorities. She will choose the right technology with care and the right product for result from the first visit. It will, of course includes cleaning as all her other treatment.

(Technology &technique used: Oxygenation of the skin , luminotherapy, dermapen, radio frequency Zoner, mesoterapy virtual and Kobido massage.)



Sophie's Kobido Massage:

from 65€

Ancestral massage from Japan that allows you to wake up your skin as if you have slept a whole night.
The tightening effect and the design of the oval face are seen from the first session depending on how the client cares for herself at home before. Recommended for women who have water retention, women over 40 years of age, menstruating women and after a pregnancy. Guaranteed relaxation.

Kobido massage 45 min. - 65€

In cure: 5+1 offered - 325€

Osmoclean skin preparation and Kobido massage 75mn. - 89€ (recommended if it has been a long time you did not care of your skin)

Body Relaxation &

Body exfoliation by Sophie

A gentle and natural exfoliation to eliminate accumulated dead cells, promote the cell renewal process, activate microcirculation and, ultimately, achieve brighter skin ready to receive nutrition.

The Treatment “Soft skin and relaxed mind”


Full body exfoliation and 30 minutes massage with volcanic
hot stones and tropical African essential oils 65 minutes.

Sophie's Massage

Sophie's hot stone massage

from 69€

Massage passes to energize your
energy, smooth and invites you to travel with breathing techniques
with volcanic hot stones.

- 1h - 69€

- 75 mn - 79€

-Option luminotherapy :


- Membership : 5+1  offered -

From 345€

Reducing & Draining Treatment

Draining massage by Sophie


- 60 min - 65€

- 5+1 bonus : 325€


Very soft and light massage techniques to mobilize fluids from the body to promote the elimination of toxins. Relieves the pain of heavy legs. Detox effect!

Eyelashes & Eyebrows Treatment

Eye Treatment by Institut Esthederm, with virtual mesotherapy & Radiofrequency

75 eur


Based on hyaluronic acid and caffeine, fills wrinkles in this area, and improves skin elasticity. With massage of the cervical face and neck. A real moment of relaxation and rest for your eyes.

Tinted Brow Lift with Design


50 min.

An effect of "combed" eyebrows upwards. Smoothing the most unruly hair and fixing the desired shape.

A solution for eyebrows that lack density. With cleaning of unwanted hairs.

Without tint: 29€

Laser Led Definitive Treatment

To eliminate your hair: Safe, quick result, not painful - Ultimate generación machine by Laser Led Nexus -possible to do it in summer with the right sun protecciòn.

Classical Hair Removal

Sophie has done a real investigation to choose the best wax on the market to avoid sensitivity, and pain. Her wax is organic & soft.

Hair Removal

from 6,50€

Lips: 6,50€

Eyebrows: 12,50€ (+ 2€ for design)

Armpit: 9,50€

Bikini Classical: 13,75€

Bikini Sexy: 16,50€

Bikini Semi Integral: 21€

Bikini Integral: 24,50€

Intergluteo: 6€ with other waxing service / 12€ alone

Half Legs: 16,50€

Full Legs: 26€

Arm: 16€

Abdomen: 16,50€

Shoulders: 12,50€

Back: 26€

Chest: 16,50€