Expert & Advanced
Treatment by Sophie

The expert and advanced facial treatment by Sophie bring different new beauty recent technique with ultimate generation appliance with quick result. Relaxation is still the priority but Sophie will focus more into giving the best result for wrinkles &firmnes severe acne, dark spot... yes It's possible to have a nice skin quickly and with surgery!!!

Sophie's Signature Treatment


2 hours.
A combination of 3 premium anti-aging techniques: Osmoclean skin cleansing with Oxygenation by Institut Esthederm to activate the communication cellular, red light therapy to stimulate collagen production, the 35 min Kobido massage which will lift & drain your face. Result from the first session.
-Skin Analisis & investigation -15min
-1h 30min of treatment
-Recommendations at the end of the treatment (optional* if the clients wants to maintain the result at home)

Traditional Facial Treatment
by Institut Esthederm

The skin consultation


20 min.
In this skin consultation you will be able to talk freely about your skin & your concerns.

I will listen and recommend you the treatment made for you.

This skin consultation can be deduced with a facial reservation.

The rebalancing treatment personalized


1 h. & 15 min.
According to the needs of your skin (acne - lack of hydration - sensitivity) - We will decide the appropriate techniques and products together for a 100% personalized experience. 
-Skin Analisis & investigation -15 min
-1h of treatment
-Recommendations at the end of the treatment (opcional* if the clients wants to maintain the result at home)

The personalized facial +


1 hour 30 min.

To treat the signs of aging (Lack of firmness - blemishes - dull skin – Nutrition - Elasticity- Sun spots)
We will decide the adapted techniques and products together for a 100% personalized experience.
Tradicional treatment.
-Skin Analisis & investigation -15 min.
-1h. 15min. of treatment

-Recommendations at the end of the treatment (opcional* if the clients wants to maintain the result at home)

Body Relaxation &

Body exfoliation by Sophie

A gentle and natural exfoliation to eliminate accumulated dead cells, promote the cell renewal process, activate microcirculation and, ultimately, achieve brighter skin ready to receive nutrition.

The Treatment “Soft skin and relaxed mind”


Full body exfoliation and 30 minutes massage with volcanic
hot stones and tropical African essential oils 65 minutes.

The Massages by Sophie

When coming for a massage with Sophie, you will be asked the necessities of your body and mind. She will choose the right essential oil from Madagascar and Reunion Island mixed with sweet almond oil.

Sophie's Hot Stone Massage:

from 59€

Massage passes to energize your energy, smooth and invites you to travel with breathing techniques with volcanic hot stones.

  • 1 h - 59€
  • 80 min - 72€
  • 5+1 vouchers offered:

Reducing & Draining Treatment

Draining massage by Sophie


60 min.

Very soft and light massage techniques to mobilize fluids from the body to promote the elimination of toxins. Relieves the pain of heavy legs. Detox effect!

Eyelashes & Eyebrows Treatment

Eye Treatment by Institut Esthederm

from 45€

30 min.

Based on hyaluronic acid and caffeine, fills wrinkles in this area, and improves skin elasticity. With massage of the cervical face and neck. 

With radio frequency Bloomea  + 15 min. - 59€

Tinted Brow Lift with Design


50 min.

An effect of "combed" eyebrows upwards. Smoothing the most unruly hair and fixing the desired shape.

A solution for eyebrows that lack density. With cleaning of unwanted hairs.

Without tint: 29€

Laser Led Definitive Treatment

To eliminate your hair: Safe, quick result, not painful - Ultimate generación machine by Laser Led Nexus -possible to do it in summer with the right sun protecciòn.

Classical Hair Removal

Sophie has done a real investigation to choose the best wax on the market to avoid sensitivity, and pain. Her wax is organic & soft.

Hair Removal

from 6,50€

Lips: 6,50€

Eyebrows: 12,50€ (+ 2€ for design)

Armpit: 9,50€

Bikini Classical: 13,75€

Bikini Sexy: 16,50€

Bikini Semi Integral: 21€

Bikini Integral: 24,50€

Intergluteo: 6€ with other waxing service / 12€ alone

Half Legs: 16,50€

Full Legs: 26€

Arm: 16€

Abdomen: 16,50€

Shoulders: 12,50€

Back: 26€

Chest: 16,50€





Bikini Classical


Bikini Semi Integral





from 6€

Full Legs