Picking the Right False Lashes

The right false lashes will open up your eyes; make them appear bigger and sexier, as soon as you apply them. Moreover, they will pop up your eyes and create a dazzling, striking look.

But the fact is that not all the available lashes on the market will suit you. This makes picking the right false lashes challenging and frustrating.

You need to know the types of false lashes available and determine the shape of your eyes before you can identify the one that will suit you most. You can choose from different embellishments, shapes, lengths, and volumes.

Types of False Lashes

Individual Lashes: If you are looking for a more natural look, individual lashes are great for you. You can add them wherever you want more coverage.

Half Lashes: They provide pleasant eye lifting effect or winged eye, and very simple to apply.

Strip Lashes: They are designed for those who don’t have long or thick lashes. Strip lashes provide a fuller, natural or striking look.

Real Hair Lashes: These lashes are made with a softer thread band that won’t poke at your eyelids, making them feel more comfortable.

Picking the Right False Lashes

  1. Large Round Eyes

If the shape of your eyes is round, wispy or curly lash is your best bet. It will create a seductive cat-eye shape. In this case, avoid heavier styles as they can weigh your eyes down and make them look smaller.

  1. Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are extraordinarily versatile shapes, meaning that any lash will work with them. But pickling a high-volume lash can add extra drama and draw attention to your eyes.

  1. Deep Set Eyes

A longer lash length that curls upwards and away from your brow bone is the best choice for you if you have deep-set eyes. These long-curled lashes will open up your eyes and improve their size.

  1. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are with additional layer skin hanging on the eyelids, making it look smaller. Hence, the perfect lash for this type of eyes should be very long with enough length towards the center of your eyes.

  1. Monolid Eyes

With monolid eyes, crease on your eyelid won’t be visible. Monolid eyes are mostly found among the Asian ethnicities. If you have this type of eyes, you can pick a multilayered, top-heavy and fluttery lash style with crisscross layers that will open up your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right false lashes will depend on the shape of your eyes. There are different eye shapes including those described above. The best way to choose the right false lashes for your convenience is to know the shape of your eyes.

The above tips will help you further if you want to pick the right false lash.



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